The Continent

The One With wasps and blind men

"For God's sake, just kill him!

After he dashed into the night bloody and terrifying, the peculiar incident with Grimes was quickly covered up. Stories were told to the other survivors that the hero was off ‘scouting’ for the evening- much to the bewilderment of Connell and company.

The morning came and sorrow was abound- Philleo had confined himself to his charred husk of a tent, sobbing like a girl into his sleeves. “What a cruel fate for a tent so magnificent!” he was heard to utter on more than one occassion. Ralph and Connell had departed for a morning stroll, which ended with a gruesome discovery: a naked, gore covered Ryykan lad huddled in a hollowed out tree. Grimes had been found! Adorning the pants from the murdered giant-man from the night before (pulled up to just below his chin) he returned to the camp, unsure of what had transpired.
Lylah was quick to suggest a retreat back to Grate to seek aid for whatever had produced such a malady in Grimes the night before, yet Oben (after the suggestion from Connell) was eager to seek out any further survivors in the front segment of the craft which had ditched further into the forest. A decision was made- to the action!

A path was forged through the scorched forest to the crash site- the trees had become charred and warped, with hardly any foliage to be had. As they approached what was evidently an impact crater, Grimes believed he heard a faint sound in the distance; one which began to grow into a deep rumble- climbing a tree to take in his surroundings he quickly discovered a giant flyiing creature: a wasp of abnormal proportions! Flinging himself quickly to the forest floor and updating the others, they pressed on.

Approaching the clearing they discovered a scene of destruction and carnage. Burnt, timber riddled bodies were strewn throughout, with the front portion of the ship entirely obliterated. The giant wasps were busily collecting the corpses and removing them from the scene, thought to be used as nourishment for their young.
One item which stood out from the mangled visage was a peculiar, hovering blue ball of presumed energy; around 6 foot in diameter and containing what appeared from afar to be the form of a loosely robed old man. A bold plan was put in place- dash into the clearing in full view of any winged adversary and check the bodies for life, whilst doubly procuring the orb with the man within. The plan went as expected- no other life was discovered within the corpses, and the orb seemed to be somehow solid, yet viscous- and also difficult to maneuver, showing much resistance to any force applied to it. As they began to haul it towards the treeline, a sinister presence approached- a wasp eager to take live prey home with it!

The fighting was fierce and debilitating- the wasp was a canny dodger of the hero’s melee, and it’s stinger was an ever present danger. On more than one occasion Oben was subjected to its poisonous properties, causing him to become lethargic and rusty in his actions. This would never do for a warrior from The North, and he finished the beast with a flurry of well-placed morning star blows to the beast’s carapace.

The orb was quickly (as quickly as the thing could be budged) away from the fight and into the forest. It was moved back to camp where, moments before arrival the energy dissapated and the old man floated to the ground. He was almost childlike in his demeanour, and seemed to be suffering from a horrid spell of amnesia. Oben took him to the camps fire to provide him warmth and food, whilst Lylah and Grimes informed the trio of Ralph, Darkhound and Connell of their findings.
Their report was met by an instant alarm by Connel and his elf friend; on observing the frail man sitting next to Oben, Connell made a dash towards him, drawing a dagger as Darkhound informed our heroes (yes, in common!) that the gentleman had to die!
A cagey stand-off appeared, where none seemed to wish to harm the other; this was of course barring Connell, who somehow missed stabbing the man, before ensuring he connected a second time with an expertly thrown dagger to the back. Oben quickly scanned for evil but could find nnone in the men in front of him, even upon the old man they were so intent on killing.
With the wrinkled corpse laying there, Darkhound instructed the team to help the return to Grate, where they would be provided with further information upon arrival. To everyone’s surprise (excluding Oben of course, who seemed to have some sort of clairvoyance throughout the entire adventure!) the body of the man rose from the ground, floating, and he turned to reveal a contorted face of hate and anger, adorned with two eyes as black as jet!
A fight broke out where everyone had to work together to overcome whatever this monstrosity was- Darkhound sent forth volleys of magical bolts from his palms,along with bolts of electrical energy to heap damage on the opponent. The melee stepped up and dashed to destroy- Grimes missed with a net which would of undoubtedly been the undoing of this caster, and then the whole team followed by missing over.. and over….and over.
The strange husk of a man cackled and began to weave his own necrotic magic to do his bidding-he drained the strength from both Oben and Grimes with volatile streams of ebony evil, and blinded both Connell and Darkhound, leaving them unable to continue in the fight. It was only when he let his guard down and began to move along the ground, decaying the plantlife with every step, that our heroes managed to finally deliver a killing blow, returning the fiend to whatever hell had spawned it.
The blind duo were challenged, but they could only stand by their word, and that upon their return to Grate everything would be brought together. It was agreed, and the team moved with much haste, eager to return to the safety of the city walls. As they approached the Northern Rose, they saw a train of Growlers entering the city ahead- Forza had returned, and some would say none too soon!


“omg, just hit him” :D

The One With wasps and blind men

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