Greco Grimes


Large, muscular and “stuck” in wererat hybrid form.


Grimes was the son of one the infamous Rykk Shield maidens, however his birth was not a product of some great love story. His mother was deployed far across the sea on yet another of Rykks endless crusades to further the glory of the empire. It was here she was captured, beaten tortured and repeatadly raped by one of the tribes of nomadic beastmen that inhabited the area. a couple of months later the tribe was wiped out and the maiden(now only in name) was returned home broken in body and spirit. She was also pregnant.
Unable to rejoin her order as she was no longer pure she spent the next half a year in solitude and as the child inside her grew so did her desperation and insanity until finally with the onset of labour she took her own life with the very sword she once used to fell creatures such as the one she beleived was growing inside her. Her body was found and immediately taken to the temple of Aléz where it could be prepared for the next life before being burnt atop the Pyre of alez, a gigantic firepit at the heart of the temple. Burial in this way is a right that is reserved for any who have shed blood in service of the rykk nation. Upon preperation the baby was found to still be alive and whilst the majority of priests present saw it as an abomination, one of the elder priests Joffles thought it to be a sign from Aléz, life delivered from the death of one Alézs chosen shield maidens could surely be no thing of evil.
And so the priest had the child raised and schooled. As soon as he was old enough to lift and carry he was put into service at the temple, at first bringing fuel for the Pyre, later carrying and tending to the fallen, always out of sight, always in the dirt and grime. As soon as he was old enough to raise a weapon the schooling ended and his training for war began, each day once his temple duties ended his martial training commenced, the priest having placed so much faith in Grimes (as others of the order had begun to call him)had become convinced he was meant for the great order of Aléz as a warrior paladin.
Grimes was tutored by many of ryyks warriors, from seasoned veterans to soldiers home from their first crusade, anyone Joffles could convince to tutor the boy in the name of aléz. Due to this unusual variation in teachers he became proficient with a wide variety of weaponry, taking a particular liking to the use of a net, he and many of his betters agreeing it helped compensate for his lack of speed and dull wits.
A yearly contest held in the capital to select the finest warriors for paladin training known as “the trials” became the highlight of his childhood, some years the contest was the only reason Grimes was allowed to leave the temple.
At the age of 13 Grimes stood a foot taller than his peers and was far more powerful and proficient in combat, his life had been toil and battle and he was well aquainted with death. It was this year that his turn to participate in the trials came. it was this year everything changed. He completed every solo task given to him with ease, being larger and stronger than most other participants and having studied for this relentlessly his entire life, it soon became obvious he had the clear advantage. So when it came time for the grand melee when all candidates where pitted against one another he strode into the arena proud, fierce and confident of his victory. This was to be his downfall, unbeknownst to Grimes a young candidate of Yolῠm named Mamoa had rallied the other fighters, uniting them against the biggest threat. Not soon after entering the arena Grimes was set upon by all the other candidates, with Mamoa standing out of reach shouting directions to the others and ever smiling. Though he fought well and took several with him Grimes eventually fell to the floor, broken in body and spirit. 
As is compulsory for all failures at the trials,Grimes spent the next four years in military service across the seas on various campaigns. He made a good soldier, fierce, deadly, loyal and obedient.

Greco Grimes

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