Paladin of Bonum


ObenHoeff…Son of DavenHoeff and CelinaHoeff…4th choosen of his lineage to take the trials ..Paladin of Bonnum…Swat trained (Serious warfare attack team)…Bear Cavalry attendant…
YounG life:
ObenHoeff Like all his village (Borvese) lived a healthy life ..Food was in abundance either by the near Dromar sea or the land surrounding ..Slaves in abundance …Fighting was not only tradition but Law and on the 4th Sunday of every month the men and fighting women of the village would do battle…Wars came and went and DavenHoeff came and went with them .When the call of war came Warriors of Ryyk’vaan answered ..Celinahoeff was left to raise and train Oben…By age 9 Oben was a gifted student able to best any put before him…Paster Vileck told his parents that he would one day take on the trials

Teenage Life:
At the turn of spring in the 11th year of Oben’s life Inquisitor Greneladal came to the village as was all inquisitors he was recruiting for national service to the Ryyk’vaan army…4 years of service minimum…Oben was selected and trained first for swat then the bear cavalry..8 years Oben defended the territory doing as instructed…

Adult life:
Free of the Army’s hold Oben went to <bry name="true"> to do the trials His chosen god, Bonum …He passed ..His affinity to nature was almost druidic..2 years of training and communion later Oben emerged ready to take on the world

Some 7 years Later
He arrived at the village of Lesserford and the adventures begins


The Continent ObenHoeff