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  • The Autumn Hunt (Part 1)

    Arriving at the bustling festival of the Autumn in [[Lesserford | Lesserford]], our party quickly formed. [[:philleo-phisch | Philleo Phisch]] earned a small purse of coin for his violin entertainment from the assembled unwashed and hired the young …

  • Yidnig

    A fighter from the Eastlands who tried to intimidate his way to victory during the inaugural Autumnal Hunt. Appears to have a strange mix of genes, looking not entirely human. Has a cheek wound caused by Grimes in a confrontation outside the Cursed …

  • "Shiny" Joe

    First met the heroes when his friend Hank was lost chasing lizards into the Cursed Mine in Lesserford. Cheeky chap; seems to vaule coin above all else.

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