•| Datum’lin | – God of Gods; sire of the Pantheon. Keeper of light.(NG, Sun/Fire)

•| Bonum | -Warden of Datum’Lin; Keeper of the mountains and beasts.(LG, War/Animal/Protection)

Lorate- Squire of Bonum; Keeper of the safe-travelled. (LG, Travel/Earth/War)
Hector- Squire of Bonum; Keeper of honor and loyalty. (LG, Law/Protection/War)
Alẽz- Squire of Bonum; Keeper of the Glorious Dead. (CG, Strength/Destruction/War)

• | Skrit | – Son of Datum’lin; God-prince of the arts, beauty, and the seasons. (NG,Good/Plant)

Warne- Son of Skrit; Lord of chance and fortune. (CG, Luck/Chaos)
Yolῠm- Son of Skrit; Lord of wisdom and Philosophy. (N, Knowledge/Magic)

• | Jul | – (Pronounced ‘Yull’) Daughter of Datum’Lin; God-Princess of night, nature & competition. (E, Death/Trickery/Evil)

Grannashkᾱ- Serf of Jul; Beast of the hidden abyss. Ruler of misfortune. (CE, Evil/Chaos)
Odlex- Guardian of Jul; Chief of deceit and guile. (NE, Trickery/Evil/Destruction)
Duenna- Tutor of Jul; ‘Old man of death’. Keeper of disease and suffering. (LE, Death/Magic)

• | Ghest | – Son of Datum’Lin; God-Prince of tradition and Law. (LG, Law/Strength/Good)

Socage- Son of Ghest; Keeper of children. (LG, Healing/Good)
Hu’l’mak- Son of Ghest; Lord of marriage and creator of romance. (CG, Luck/Protection)
Tripos- Daughter of Ghest; Keeper of the poor and needy. (G, Healing/Protection)
Mecum- Daughter of Ghest; Lady of trade; patron of all tradespeople. (LN, Knowledge/Luck/Law)

• | Ornἆk | – Dwarven God-Prince. Earthen ruler of rock and metal. Half- brother of Bonum.(N, Earth/Strength)

Thornᾱgal- Son of Ornἆk; Protector of the battle ready. (CN, Strength/Protection/War)
Methrantil- Son of Ornἆk; Carer for the sick and injured.(LN, Healing/Good)
Antὀk- Serf of Ornἆk; Creator of celebration and feasts. (N, Animal/Travel)
Gib- Sister of Ornἆk; Provider of fire and inspiration. (NG, Fire/Knowledge)

o | Cẽrn’thὀl | – (Pronounced ‘Thern-th’ol) Elven God Prince. Son of Jul; adopted son of Skrit. Lord of the forests and Fey beings. Keeper of the wind and rain. (CN, Air/Water)

Mῠrn- Serf of Cẽrn’thὀl; Lord of tracking and the hunt. (N, Travel/Animal)
Eὀil- Serf of Cẽrn’thὀl; Lord of the harvest. (NG, Good/Luck)
Lḯnvaḫ- Serf of Cẽrn’thὀl; Living God-Lord of the Elven kin in Ornἄl. Resides on the throne in the capital city of Mὂran, where he has sat for millennia.


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