Nestled in the centre of the glorious continent, Rigẻselle boasts the most eclectic mish-mash of race and kin, art and prosperity of any of the nations. Managed by the much admired King Juran, whose passion brought a peace previously unknown to the land after forging treaties with all of the surrounding empires, it is a place where every man can create their own destiny (as long as the coin is present in most cases).

During the Great Wars of the past, Rigẻselle became a bastion of safety for those wish to flee the hostilities which were waged all around them. As times changed and kingdoms were formed the populous became an ever changing mass of human and dwarf, elf and orc- the very epitome of a cultural melting pot.

Much of the Rigẻselle society orbits around money- luxuries are desired and expected and the wealthy do their upmost to remain there. Many rich families purchase slaves from the Ryyks to the North (although by law they must be paid a wage and be given the opportunity to purchase their freedom) and do enjoy demonstrating their power.

The fore mentioned luxuries are in abundance throughout the land- be it jewels, wine, foodstuffs or even the more debauched ‘after-hours’ indulgencies are all easily accessible for citizens to trade their possessions and coin for. Fashion is a recent flair for the rich, who take every chance to remind the less fortunate of their position in life.

Rigẻselle does have a military force, but no conscription is currently adhered to. The close relationship with Terrandor and Ornἄl, and the on-going trade with the Dwarves in Flein has meant that the only major concentration of military power is stationed along the border with the Ryyks . Military service once enlisted lasts a minimum of 8 years, but those who wish to (or are particularly talented) can and often do remain in the services of their nation.

Rigẻselle vehemently follows the Higher members of the pantheon, and celebrate all public holidays without fail- any opportunity for a celebration is encouraged in most instances, as it provides an ample excuse for escalated trade throughout the Kingdom. The major Rigẻselle settlements are often referred to as the ‘Marble Cities’ as their largest building is frequently a place of worship constructed predominantly out of a pale hued marble, found only locally to the nation itself.

Knowledge and education is a prized commodity; the rich families will hire scholars and philosophers to school their children in the arts and history of the nation. However, many cannot afford such a privilege and instead exchange skills with one another as bartered. With this in mind, a player from Rigẻselle can start with a +1 in a single <knowledge>skill, or on gather information checks.

Being such a diverse nation, there is much opportunity to learn language whilst going about their daily business. All languages are available to learn besides Ryykann, as the only Ryyks who venture through the land are nearly always on official business.


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