The Ryyks reside on the northern coast of the continent, spread across the lowlands in the shadows of the Eleskian Mountains. The bordering the Dwarven home-mound of Flein to the West, Elves to the East and the ever-present veil of the Ruddarth to the North has caused the nation to be fiercely territorial and protective of its people.

Ryyk society was once fractured with a number of nomadic wartribes vying for the land; indeed it was only due to the intervention of the Glorious Warlord Crace Wyrmbreast that the Ryyks did not self-destruct themselves from the inside. Under his guidance the Ryyks fell in line under a single banner and began to work together to form the powerful nation which we find today.

Ryyk society is as kind to its’ people as it is cruel; from birth children are examined and tested to find their aptitude in life, and with this every Ryyk plays their part. By age 9, If they are strong in fortitude and perseverance they are enlisted into the ranks of the war bands- either the FireManes who ensure the protection of the land or the Leviathans who travel across the oceans to procure resources for the betterment of the people. If a child does not demonstrate promise to be sent to battle they are assigned a master within a trade and become an apprentice, ensuring that the traditions of forging blade, crafting arms and construction of towns and cities are passed through the generations. No Ryyk is left without a place or purpose to contribute to the nation.

As mentioned, the Ryyk society is also a cruel master; they are almost the sole collector of slaves from across the seas. They claim to do this for a number of purposes; firstly, they believe no Ryyk should be required to do menial tasks- all such duties are performed by the classless they capture. They sell many to the wealthy from Rigẻselle, who are may pay a meagre amount of coin to each individual to change them into servants to tend their needs. Any remaining are used in bartering with the Ruddarth from the mountains, who seem to have an unquenchable demand for labour and an abundance of exotic weaponry and materials to exchange for it.

Ryyks do produce other items for trade- they are famed for their cured and glazed meats, are masters of crafting furnishings, metal forging and breeding of livestock. Their leader, Crace, does see a portion of this export sent to the leaders of the surrounding kingdoms as an unrequested tribute to the enduring peace on the continent.

The Ryyks have a great fascination with superstition, be that from charms and trinkets to bring prosperity, or how their remains are treated after death. Their places of worship often reflect this, with numerous opportunities to request favour from many of the Gods in one form or another; nonetheless they generally follow the pantheon wholly, calling upon the inspiration of a favoured deity when the situation arises.

The nation is well versed in the use of the common tongue in addition to their Ryykan dialect; any player choosing to have a character from Ryyk’vann gains this as an additional language. Any Ryyks who are chosen as diplomats or traders within foreign nations etc. will always take time to equip themselves with the natural ability to converse in the native tongue.


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