Story Of Creation

The Brief Tale of the Pantheon.

In the beginning there was Datum’Lin.

For countless millennia he wandered the cosmos, searching for something which he felt he was missing. In an epiphany he created the land, hoping that the beauty he sculpted would satiate the void within. He then breathed life into his creation; fashioning nature, meandering rivers, beasts and the oceans.

It was with a moment of inspired clarity that he forged the races; moulded from the dust of the stars, held together with the spark of a God. As they flourished and staked their claim in his creation, Datum’Lin observed their interactions. He quickly grew enamoured with their notion of family, and so breathed life into his own.

From his breast he created Jul and Skrit, from an eye he produced Ghest.
Jul became disenchanted, and created her own retinue from her wicked mind, which she used to try and usurp her father. Skrit and Ghest managed to stop Jul from over-throwing Datum’Lin, and banished her creations into the black abyss.

Skrit and Ghest spoke at length with their father, and from their Godly hearts were created the Wardens of the Gods; Bonum and his squires. Datum’Lin soon implored his sons to have their own families, and thus the God-children were crafted in their image.

Datum’Lin’s world grew ever greater, but for the populous the memory of their creation was ebbing away; he assigned Skrit’s son Yolῠm to be an emissary, and become of mortal body to reignite the memory of the Pantheon. Yolῠm visited the world, and over years inspired the renewed love of the Pantheon. He re-discovered off-shoots of man, living in the hills and forests that knew little of the Gods, but deservedly were part of the world.

Datum’Lin offered Bonum an opportunity for an equal, and forged a half-brother named Ornἆk who would rule over the hill people. Ornἆk in turn created a family to help him govern the fortunes of their kind.

Jul regained power and birthed another creation, a son by the name of Cẽrn’thὀl. She tried to keep her son from the watchful eyes of her brothers and father, but before she could instil her own perverse virtues in his fragmented mind he was taken from her, and placed into Skrit’s care. Skrit allowed him to assist him in governing the people of the forests, before Cẽrn’thὀl was charged with their destiny.

Cẽrn’thὀl was a solemn being, whose volatile creation had provided a different perspective to explore. He moulded a small retinue to assist him in the Governing of the forest people, and then granted their current ruler, Lḯnvaḫ, the spark of the Gods, making him a God King to rule as guided by the cosmos.

Since this story many ages have passed- the Gods have assisted the weak and the needy, the powerful and unready as they have seen fit. Yolῠm is still believed to walk the world, spreading the word of the Gods, Lḯnvaḫ still sits on his oaken throne. Time has passed, and more will continue to pass as the tales of the Gods ebbs and flows through the lands.

-excerpt from ‘The Rulers of Creation’; Randal Urspen, (18th revision)

Story Of Creation

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