The Southern power slumbering in between Rigẻselle and Thez-F’Shde, is a nation of industrious pride. An ethic of work hard; play hard has allowed the nation to blossom as an ever-evolving work horse, with a willing populous eager to ply their trade. Governed by the secretive Emperor Mathalaus and his senate of ‘Chosen Men’, it is a nation eager to rub shoulders with the continents greatest.

Even though the country boasts an embarrassing wealth of natural resources (both for production and luxury) the great majority are more than happy to live out their lives working as labour during the daylight hours before being ready to celebrate existence at night. A brilliant optimism envelops many of the populous, and they are not ashamed to show it. Although there is a predominant human presence from generations of men that have worked the land, it is becoming ever more common for other races to try their hand at the ‘simple life’.

The Terrandor society inhabits the land in sporadic pockets, where villages and cities emerge close to any resource which can be used by their tradesmen. Metals and gems are particularly prized due to the ever-present demand for luxurious commodities from Rigẻselle to the North, but it is not uncommon to see sprawling farmlands for both grain and livestock.

The Terrands are the only nation to share a border with the infamous Thez-F’Shde; barbarians for hire, but hot-headed brawlers at the best of times. A truce was formed many years ago; firstly through appeasing the WarChief’s lust for gems, secondly through the formation of The Wardens and their Keep on the Terrandor soil. Since that time no major military action has been taken by either side- much to the relief of the assembled nations of the continent.

Military service is not compulsory for any Terrand, but each settlement is encouraged to send some men to their duty. No man has been lost to battle in decades, and many are comforted by the knowledge that regardless of circumstance the Wardens would lead the nation into battle. The fortified village of Gromley is often a new recruits destination, where they carry on the tradition of observing the F’Shde.

The Terrands follow Datum’Lyn almost exclusively; they rarely see need to send their prayers and offerings anywhere other than to ‘the man in charge’. Places of worship are found in tribute to him in almost every town except in significant situations. They are happy to accommodate clerics and paladins of any deity however, as ultimately they are all following Datum’Lyn.
Children join their parents in their labour from a young age, which leaves little time for developing their intellect. Many have basic knowledge of the surrounding world, but excel at their chosen duty in life. Terrands have a very broad outlook on existence which is not tainted by ‘the confusion of higher intellect’; they thus get +1 on all Will based saves.


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